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Celebrating Success at Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Celebrating Success Assembly Winners: March 2016

Capacity Focus
Skills for Life/ Learning/ Work shown
Rm 1
Successful Learner
Phoebe Yuill
Trying hard to sound out and write words by herself. Becoming more confident in her own ability.
Rm 2
Successful Learner
Ellie Drummond
Developed accurate and consistent adding skills using concrete materials. She demonstrates these skills independently.
Rm 3
Successful Learner
Harry Pounder
Made fantastic progress in writing. Much more confident in his ability and is able to work much more independently.
Rm 4
Successful Learner
Tyler Low
Working hard to develop his skills in writing sentences.
Rm 5
Effective Contributor
Yvonne McMillan
Always helping others, tries her best in every lesson. Can work in any team.

Rm 6
Effective Contributor
Kyra Black
Very supportive of her peers. Especially helpful and nurturing towards her peers. Keen to contribute her ideas, thoughts and suggestions.
Rm 7
Effective Contributor
Beth McKechnie
Always offers to help others. She contributes well to all areas of the curriculum. Effort for Easter Bonnet Parade has been especially good.
Rm 8
Effective Contributor
Ryan Troup
Becoming more independent at writing. Contributing more to class discussions.

Rm 9
Confident Individual
Marissa Carson
Displays confidence in all areas. Works very well independently and cooperatively in any situation.

Rm 10
Confident Individual
Kayla Watt
Responding more confidently during class discussions and is speaking out more in lessons.

Rm 11
Confident Individual
Heather Pickering
Respects others at all times and is able to make informed decisions when working cooperatively.

Rm 12
Confident Individual
Nathan Watson
Interacts effectively in groups and is respectful of the views of others. Bright and cheery personality.
Rm 13
Responsible Citizen

Makayla Cardona
Displays responsible behaviour at all times. Sets a wonderful example to her peers.

Rm 14
Responsible Citizen

Craig Prentice
Volunteered for Peer Mediators. Gives 100% to all tasks, represents class well.

Rm 15
Responsible Citizen

Grant Snadden
Mature and sensible approach to recent topic stimulus. Thoughtful responses given in class discussions.
Rm 16
Responsible Citizen

Cameron Rorrison
Represents the school well. A good role model to his peers. Conscientious in class.


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