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Celebrating Success at Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

February Winners

Skills Nomination
P1a Room 1
Responsible Citizen
Freya Wilson
Works hard at all times, putting in 100% effort. She is also helpful and caring to others.
P1b Room 2
Responsible Citizen
Kerry-Anne McGregor
Ensures she tries to the best of her ability. Kind and caring.
P1c Room 3
Responsible Citizen
Phoebe Gilchrist
Considerate of others, sensible and helpful.
P2a Room 4
Responsible Citizen
Maisie Maclennan
Takes care of peers and the classroom environment.
P2b Room 5
Successful Learner
Ryan Troup
Using great ICT skills to research information and show others.
P2c Room 6
Successful Learner
Zakk Wilson
Working amazingly hard in Maths to learn new skills.
P3a Room 7
Successful Learner
Amanda Campbell
Working incredibly hard in Maths and Language.
P3b Room 8
Successful Learner
Nyla Stevenson
Working hard to improve speed and accuracy of tables.
P3/4 Room 9
Effective Contributor
Olivia McCotter
Working independently during Maths and Language. She is becoming more confident in answering out.
P4 Room 10
Effective Contributor
Connor Lyon
Trying extremely hard during French. Enjoys sharing his knowledge and can recall facts and vocabulary.
P4/5 Room 11
Effective Contributor
Katie Reilly
She is a good team leader and has a positive attitude towards all group members.
P5 Room 12
Effective Contributor
Scott Alcock
For contributing with enthusiasm and respectfully during class discussions. Always willing to help out around the class.
P5/6 Room 13
Confident Individual
Toby Yuill
Toby has worked hard to become more confident, using ICT to achieve his writing.
P6 Room 14
Confident Individual
Mhairi Wishart
Growing in confidence when speaking during group and class discussion.
P7a Room 15
Confident Individual
Ross McIntyre
Volunteered to share his knowledge of dinosaurs and fossils with P2 – organised it all himself.
P7b Room 16
Confident Individual
Lauren-Anne Sheriff
She confidently expresses her ideas and opinions in class. She can take the lead in group tasks.


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