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Celebrating Success at Kirklandneuk

Thursday, 4 February 2016

January T-shirt Winners

Celebrating Success Assembly Winners: January 2016

Capacity Focus
Skills for Life/ Learning/ Work shown
Rm 1
Confident Individual
Cameron Carnochan
Confidence has grown so much. Tries anything and this shows in his class work.
Rm 2
Confident Individual
Riley Parker
Very independent within the classroom. Demonstrates good self-help skills and awareness.
Rm 3
Confident Individual
Sophie Coll
Tried very hard to recall and recite Scots poem for Burns assembly. Very confident during class rehearsals, has blossomed in school recently.
Rm 4
Confident Individual
Alex Macleod
More confident when coming to school in the morning and when overcoming problems.
Rm 5
Responsible Citizen
Kieran Fisher
Always looking to help class teacher and others. Sets a good example for behaviour.
Rm 6
Responsible Citizen
Kieran Young
Very responsible in class. Always offers to assist/ help class teacher. Contributes good ideas.
Rm 7
Responsible Citizen
Ruby MacDonald
Considerate of others. Always offers to help, she is aware of how her behaviour affects others.
Rm 8
Responsible Citizen
Zak Burgess
Always keen to help others and sets an excellent example in keeping work space and class tidy.
Rm 9
Successful Learner
Abi Kane
Working very well in class, especially within her maths group. Trying her very best.
Rm 10
Successful Learner
Kyle Gethins
Working more independently in all areas of the curriculum. Answers in class and will share ideas. Communicates well in group tasks.
Rm 11
Successful Learner
Stuart Atkinson
Making fantastic progress with maths. Puts himself forward for ‘tables expert’ regularly.
Rm 12
Successful Learner
Talya Okumus
Excellent progress with division in maths. Completes extension tasks independently.
Rm 13
Effective Contributor
Sofie Finnigan
Excellent determination and self-reliance. Contributed effectively to Burns preparations.
Rm 14
Effective Contributor
Katie Reilly
Class poetry winner – contributing more to class discussions.
Rm 15
Effective Contributor
Kyle Mackay Buchanan
Helps other during group tasks, ensures everyone is included. Did very well with class poem.
Rm 16
Effective Contributor
Stephen Speirs
Very proactive in class. A fantastic support with ICT, and makes valuable contributions during lessons.



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