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Celebrating Success at Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

T-shirt Winner April 2015

Curriculum for Excellence Assembly

April 2015

Skills Nomination
P1a Room 1
Effective Contributor
Szymon Pilch
Always contributes clear, well explained ideas in class discussions.
P1b Room 2
Effective Contributor
Chloe McKechnie
Fantastic clear communication skills.
P1c Room 3
Effective Contributor
Rebecca McKenzie
Super communication skills, always contributes to class and group discussions.
P2a Room 4
Effective Contributor
Aiden Digby
Always contributes to discussions and activities.
P2b Room 5
Confident Individual
Eleanor Notman
Increasing in confidence to tackle work independently and support others.
P2c Room 6
Confident Individual
Elora Yuill
Becoming much more confident at writing and trying to write more independently.
P3a Room 7
Confident Individual
David Cavan
Starting to contribute during circle time more often.
P3b Room 8
Confident Individual
Kourtney McMahon
Grown in confidence and maturing throughout the year.
P3/4 Room 9
Responsible Citizen
Bryan Doyle
Very keen to help around the classroom and tidy up.
P4 Room 10
Responsible Citizen
Stuart Atkinson
Kind and caring to other children. Helping out and working independently.
P4/5 Room 11
Responsible Citizen
Samantha Young
Uses her initiative and leads a group effectively. Can work alone and as part of a team.
P5 Room 12
Responsible Citizen
Grant Snadden
For being responsible and having a mature attitude to work.
P5/6 Room 13
Successful Learner
Carla Smythe
Excellence in her Personal Project.
P6 Room 14
Successful Learner
Jordan Collins
Showing determination to reach high standards of work.
P7a Room 15
Successful Learner
Cameron McMillan
Showed initiative in learning about WW2 in class and worked independently.
P7b Room 16
Successful Learner
Veronica Notman
Applied her excellent skills in researching to create a fantastic and detailed project.


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